Whitelist Mint: April 12, 2023 @ 7:00 am ET (12:00 PM UTC)
Public Mint: April 12, 2023 @ 7:00 pm ET (12:00 AM 4/13 UTC)


Countdown to Mint

The Team

Dream work makes the team work!

The Flight Crew

Committed to bringing continued value to the members for decades to come.

Mission Man alter ego

Mission Man

Fearless Leader responsible to get us there
Moon Man alter ego

Moon Man

Marketing Guru literally named after the Moon
Rocket Man alter ego

Rocket Man

Lead Developer creating the vehicle to get us off the ground

Ground Control

Do you really want to know about Bobby and the guys on the tarmac?

Scared to Fly?
Our NFT is sooo much more!

You love memes, crypto, web 3, meta plays, parties, merch, extravagant out of this world experiences, and we love you for it!

We are Going to Space

You are coming with us!

With many companies competing for business, the price of space travel will decrease. Regardless of future partnerships, we’ll need to have the money ready to go when it comes time to launch. The good news is, that’s just money, and money isn’t rocket science. In fact, it gravitates toward societies just like ours. To read more on how we’re making space travel a reality for ALL our members click here.

Welcome to the Club

Bad Astro Society is an elite society for those looking for an out-of-this-world experience.

Benefits and Experiences

Tickets to outer space start at $450k. All of our members will take the ride for just the cost of a Bad Astro NFT
Elite Profile Picture
Events - Admission to all Bad Astro +1 events (First one is New Years)
The Bad Astro Station – the ultimate first-class NFT experience
Bad Astro Merch - the best bad merch on the planet
Ownership/commercial rights given to the purchaser of each NFT
Bad Astro Society full logo in white Bad Astro Society horizontal logo in white

This is our NFT.
Buy one and go to Space!

Buy our NFT
and go to Space!

Look, space travel is CRAZY EXPENSIVE (over $450K per person), and only for the ultra-wealthy… Until now. Each of our NFTs provide membership to the BAD ASTRO SOCIETY — a club with a mission of launching all 10,000 Bad Astro members into freakin’ real-life outer space. #LFG2SPACE!