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We are an NFT community with the chief goal of purchasing all 10,000 club members tickets to real life outer space…a current price tag of $450,000. Until recent history it was impossible to travel to space, and now recreational space travel is within reach for the ultra wealthy. Our aim is to make it within reach for the average person through the use of cryptocurrencies and NFTs.

The Flight Crew

Charlton Haupt


Founder & Fearless Leader

Charlton always wanted to go to space, but even as a child, he knew the possibilities were slim. So, he settled for stargazing, grew up, and spent much of his early adulthood traveling the world. But the desire to go to space has never left. After a discussion in a Ugandan village late one night about the rotation of the earth, he found himself giving astronomy lessons to crowds for weeks to come. (Read the Origin Story below) He and his wife eventually opened a transportation business in Uganda to provide work and income for people in need, and they have since opened several businesses with a variety of goals.

Charlton has been in crypto since 2017, but in 2022, he realized that technological advances in the space industry and blockchain could make dreams come true, and thus the Bad Astro Society was born.

The future belongs
to those who build it

Josh Haupt


Founder & Marketing Mastermind

Always one for adventure and a good time, Josh is a great husband, father, and loyal friend. While getting ready for school one morning in 2001, Josh had a grand mal seizure that changed the course of his life forever. He was diagnosed with epilepsy and turned to marijuana to help control his seizures. Josh went on to become a successful author and grower and is now one of the most respected names in the marijuana industry. He is a visionary and businessman and wants to give back by helping others fulfill their dreams.

Buy the Ticket, Take the Ride!

Billy Foster


Founder & Creative

Billy is a Digital artist, specializing in web development and interactive design.

His passion for space goes all the way back to elementary school. As as member of a small sceince club, he competed in a local competition designing the perfect habitat for future Mars colonization. From that day forward he dreamt of growing up to be an astronaut. Life took him in a different direction but we can’t all be good astronauts. He’s proud to be a Bad Astro!

Nothing Ventured, Nothing Gained

Ground Crew

Of course with a project this big, we wanted the best in the industry concerning NFTs, ETH contracts, Discord moderation, and space knowledge, and we found just that in the ground crew.

Origin Story

How we went from talking crypto to starting the most ambitious NFT project to date.

In 2007 our fearless leader Charlton went to a village in Uganda. He spent three months seeing a place where the future and past collided. The experience changed his life forever.

“It felt like going back in time, and all I could see was the opportunity to help people. So many needs, and so few resources to meet them.”

Death from disease was rampant, and the people in the village didn’t know basic health care, let alone reading and writing skills or knowledge of the sciences.

One night Charlton stood with Pastor Charles (60), looking up at the brilliant canopy of stars in the African sky.

“Can you tell me something?” Pastor Charles asked. He pointed east. “The sun, it rises over here, and then it sets over there,” he said, arcing his hand to the west. “My grandmother told me that in the middle of the night, when everyone is sleeping…” He swept his finger back to the east. “It runs across the sky back to the other side.” He looked at Charlton. “Is that true?”

Charlton has always loved astronomy. He explained the basic rotation of the earth and how it journeys around the sun. The reality of the situation astounded him, how a knowledge so elementary to our ears can be revolutionary to others.

After that night Charlton found himself daily giving basic science lessons to crowds of people. Yes, crowds, because the pastor drew them all in, and they genuinely wanted to know. They would ask question after question: “Why do the sun and the moon fight sometimes? Why does the moon get smaller, then bigger? How come stars shoot across the sky? Why do the stars change from season to season?” Then came the question,

“I heard on the radio that there are people up there in some kind of station, but I laughed. This could not be true…is it?”

The daily talks were the highlight of the trip. They awoke Charlton’s childhood desire to visit space, and a new desire to take as many people as possible with him. He wanted them to see for themselves the vastness of space, to be in awe of the beautiful workings of stars and planets, and to experience the mind-blowing reality that people do indeed go up there. At the time it was just a pipe dream. Something that sounded far off and impossible.

Charlton focused instead on immediate ways to help the people he’d met in his travels. Following college graduation, he and his wife saved for a year and started a transportation business in Uganda to provide work that would contribute to the villagers’ basic, daily needs.

Apart from his efforts in Uganda, Charlton has opened several businesses in the United States and has invested in cryptocurrencies since 2017. The desire to go to space never ceased though, and watching the space industry continue to advance only stoked the flames.

When the NFT market took off in 2021, Charlton saw new opportunities dawning, ways to accomplish what couldn’t be done before. Because NFTs are non fungible, receive royalties, create communities, and are distributed in an asset that rises in value, they allow for people to dream like they never could have before. The impossible had been made possible, and Charton turned once again to the vision of taking people to space. Normal people. Dreamers. Wonderers. People who otherwise would never be able to see it for themselves.

This is what the Bad Astro Society is all about, making extraordinary opportunities available to ordinary people. 10,000 space tickets are on the horizon. Come with us.

If you have any questions, please see our FAQ, or better yet, join our Discord. We would love to have you in the community.

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