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Get in early and SAVE!

Original price was: Ξ ETH2.00.Current price is: Ξ ETH1.80.

Guarantee yourself a Bad Astro. Don’t wait until mint day or worry about purchasing with crypto. PreOrder your NFT here, and we’ll take care of everything else on your behalf when Mint day comes.

The Bad Astro Society is the most ambitious NFT project to date with the chief goal of purchasing all 10,000 club members tickets to real life outer space. We aren’t stopping at space though. All holders will receive exclusive benefits for years to come. #LFG2Space!

  • Guarantee Rare Bad Astro Mint

  • Receive VIP Status within the Community

  • Exclusive First Right of Refusal for ALL Future Rarity Items

  • Free Tuition to the Bad Astro Crypto and Trading Courses (Coming Soon)

  • No Limit on Purchase Quantity

  • Pay with Card or Crypto

NOTE: This is a nonrefundable preorder. Once the payment is made, we convert it into Ethereum, and it is no longer available for a refund.

How does it work?

It’s the hassle-free step. When you pre-order, we will take care of the dollar-to-crypto conversion, mint your guaranteed rare NFT on mint day, hold it on your behalf, provide free tuition to our crypto and trading courses ($2,200/year value), and give you a VIP role in our Discord community so you can be treated as such.


How much is the Mint Price?
Our Mint price is 1.8 ETH for the Private Mint and 2 ETH for the Public Mint. If you would like to learn more about NFTs and how Mints work, click HERE for our free NFT crash” course.
What is your exchange/return policy?

Pre-orders are non-refundable as we will be exchanging the funds into crypto and allocating 50% towards our locked club treasury for future space travel, as stated in our white paper.

Just 3 Simple Steps


Preorder now and become a VIP within the Bad Astro Society.

our Community

The best way to stay up to date with everything “Bad Astro” is to join our discord or follow us on twitter!


If you want to go to space, are new to NFTs, and have never participated in a mint, then be sure to preorder your Bad Astro and watch the NFT crash course.

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