Whitelist Reservation

Ξ ETH0.05

Having a reservation on the Whitelist allows you to participate in the private sale before the general public can purchase, guarantees a lower price of 1.8 ETH vs 2 ETH, and gives access to exclusive channels in our Discord.

The Bad Astro Society is the most ambitious NFT project to date with the chief goal of purchasing all 10,000 club members tickets to real life outer space. We aren’t stopping at space though. All holders will receive exclusive benefits for years to come. #LFG2Space!

  • Gives you the first right to mint your NFT
  • Gives you exclusive rights within the Discord community
  • 5Mint up to 5 NFT’s during Whitelist Period
  • Pay with a credit card or with Crypto

NOTE: In order to reserve your spot, you must have a MetaMask wallet.

Don’t have a MetaMask wallet? Click HERE for Instructions

MetaMask Instructions

  • 1. Don’t panic. It’s actually really easy. Just follow step two and the rest will make sense.
  • 2. Go to the metamask website (https://metamask.io) and download the metamask extension for your preferred browser.
  • 3. Once it’s installed, click on the metamask icon in your browser and create a new wallet.
  • 4. Follow the prompts to set up a secure password and save your seed phrase.
  • 5. Connect your metamask wallet to the Ethereum network by selecting “Main Ethereum Network” in the top right corner of the metamask extension.
  • 6. Add some Ethereum (ETH) to your metamask wallet so that you have enough to purchase the NFT.

How does it work?

During checkout, there is a required field for you to add your Ethereum Wallet Address (MetaMask Wallet). As Mint day approaches, be sure to check your email for further instructions. In order to Mint your NFT, you will need enough funds for Mint (1.8 ETH for Private Mint, 2 ETH for Public Mint) and gas fees.

Don’t have a MetaMask wallet? Click HERE for Instructions


How much is the Mint Price?
Our Mint price is 1.8 ETH for the Private Mint and 2 ETH for the Public Mint. If you would like to learn more about NFTs and how Mints work, click HERE for our free NFT crash” course.
What is your exchange/return policy?
Whitelist Reservations are non refundable.

Just 3 Simple Steps

our Community

The best way to stay up to date with everything “Bad Astro” is to join our discord or follow us on twitter!

Sign up for
the white list

Buy a White List token or win one on social media! This is the best way to guarantee your spot in line.


If you want to go to space, are new to NFTs, and have never participated in a mint, then be sure to preorder your Bad Astro or reserve your white list, and watch the NFT crash course.
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